Welcome to the Mad House

Alternate title: This is Us. But we’re all a little mad so this one seemed more fitting…

You know those perfectly curated photos you see as you scroll Instagram? I can’t be the only that sees these, unless I have a very well curated follow feed, which let’s face it, I do. I like to torture myself by following only the most curated, perfectly filtered, professionally photographed Instagram feeds I can find so I can pour over all of their photos only to remind myself that that is not, and never will be me. Who am I kidding, it’s because I wish it was me. But alas, it’s not, and like I mentioned before… it never will be. But news flash, it isn’t anyone. It’s fake!

Well, meet my family. Every un-curated, un-instagramable bit of us! We laugh, we scream, we cry, we dance, we sing (not very well), we fight, and we love… This is Us.

My husband, Alex, and I met in college in Texas. He had just returned from a deployment, I was leaving Texas and returning home to Colorado. He took me to dinner, I moved home, and two weeks later, he joined me in Colorado. Fast forward 13 years later, we are still in Colorado, he’s still taking me to dinner, and now we have 3 girls in tow to make it all the more entertaining.

There’s Sofia, Daddy’s little girl. Looks like Daddy, acts like Mommy. Wears her emotions on her sleeve, the smartest girl I’ve ever met, crazy artistic, and endlessly cheerful.

Then came Ellie, Mommy’s little sidekick. Looks like Mommy, acts like Daddy. Pushes everyone’s buttons, loves hard, fiercely protective of her sisters, a little rebellious with a hilarious quick whit.

And last, but certainly not least… Rory Roo. The baby of the family, everyone’s favorite and she knows it too!

This is Us, this is our story.

– Alex

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I'm Alex a Colorado girl, madly in love with a Texas boy named Alexis, mom to 3 pretty amazing girls - Sofia, Ellie (affectionately called Little Beasty) and Rory (also known as Roo). I spend most of my days mothering and creating, and when I'm not, I'll be writing.

One thought on “Welcome to the Mad House

  1. Go for it, my lovely daughter! You’ve always been courageous in following your heart and dreams, and it always leads you to wonderful places. I wish you the best on this journey and am grateful that it’s something I can follow along with as you take it. All my love, Mom.


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