Advent: Day 1, Post 1

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Today we start Advent. Full disclosure… I’m new to this, and I’m insecure in my faith, and it’s all new and scary and vulnerable, and new. Did I say new? I’ve done a few women’s studies over the past couple years in various seasons of my life and all have seemed so relevant at the time and pushed me to discover and learn more. It’s exciting and enlightening, and it is something that always feeds my soul, it has also been something that I have kept close to the heart and protected for fear of judgement. Until now.


Much of blogging has been a practice in putting myself out there, something that I have never been very good at, but I’m taking small steps to overcome that fear and this right here is a BIG step. Writing about faith, and my journey through faith is a BIG step, and it starts with this small, 29 day study. And the best part… I’m not doing it alone. My husband has agreed to do it with me!


At the suggestion of a friend, I decided to look into an Advent study and stumbled upon this his/hers devotional from She Reads Truth, and my husband so graciously agreed to do it with me. Good thing, because I had already purchased the books! Our study starts today, and although I probably won’t be able to share a post on everyday of the study, I am excited to share my favorite takeaways throughout the month. I hope you’ll read along, and please, feel free to share your thoughts and opinions in the comments along the way. I value your insight!


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I'm Alex a Colorado girl, madly in love with a Texas boy named Alexis, mom to 3 pretty amazing girls - Sofia, Ellie (affectionately called Little Beasty) and Rory (also known as Roo). I spend most of my days mothering and creating, and when I'm not, I'll be writing.

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